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Have a Green Holiday

We know that many of you have concerns about our impact on the environment. We want you to have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday at Lower Treave, so we have done some stuff to give the planet a break whilst you stay with us. As members of the Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Network (CoaST) we try to make it easy for you to continue all the great green things you are doing at home whilst you are on holiday. Don't worry, you won't have to sign up to any 'policies', wear a hairy shirt or beat yourself up on home-grown muesli. Just go with the 'eco-flow' and if you have any useful suggestions about how we can make your stay more sustainable then please let us know. Here are some of the things you will see happening around the site and might want to help out with.

Reduce - We try and reduce the amount of energy the site consumes, without compromising on the quality of your holiday. Low energy lighting is used throughout the site, and timers and sensors ensure we don't leave lights on when not needed. Using a washing line instead of a tumble dryer is a new spin on an old technology, but the dryers are still there if you need them on the odd wet day!

Reuse - Water butts catch the rain and then it is used to irrigate our pots, tubs and planters. Compost bins are available to our guests - next time you see your potato peelings they will be a healthy mulch on the flower beds. 

Recycle - Please re-cycle as much as possible the bins are next to the rubbish skips which go to landfill. Our aim is to get bigger recycling bins and smaller skips, but we can only do this if the demand is there from you. Then we can ask our waste contractors to recycle more and landfill less.

Buy Local, Eat Local - Holidays are a great time to try something different. Why not use this opportunity to try some of the great fish out of Newlyn market, or some meat from one of our local butchers in St Just. Sennen Farmers Market runs each week and is the place to buy fresh vegetables. There are also great restaurants and pubs doing menus from locally sourced produce which are well worth a visit.

Getting About - Here's an idea, how about planning one car-free day during your holiday? We can give you all the information and timetables you need to get around on buses, boats and trains, either there and back, or circular trips. Arrive in an electric car and we will charge it up for free!

Future Energy - We currently buy in our electricity from renewable sources (mostly wind turbine.) As part of our longer term commitment, we have installed solar heating for the shower and toilet block to reduce gas consumption and generate our own electricity.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust - Lower Treave is a Corporate Member of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, supporting their work involved in conserving the many aspects of the county's wildlife and wild places. You can help us to help them by popping a few coins into the collecting box every time you charge a battery. We will make sure that your contribution continues to support the great work of the Trust. www.cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk

David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme - David Bellamy Conservation Awards are made each year to parks which can demonstrate policies showing active concern for the environment. Assisted by local nature groups and holidaymakers themselves, David Bellamy looks at virtually every aspect of park management - from the protection of plant and animal habitats to the efficient use of energy and recycling. Helping visitors to understand conservation is also considered an important qualifying feature. Three levels of excellence can be achieved: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Lower Treave is proud to have a Gold Award. www.ukparks.com/bellamy.asp

CoaST - The Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project has been working for some time with tourism businesses in Cornwall to help make tourism as sustainable as possible, benefiting the environment, the economy and the people of Cornwall. And now they're working to help you - our visitors - to have a fantastic, low impact holiday that keeps Cornwall as beautiful and healthy as it is now! Their work is based on that fact that wherever we go and whatever we do, we have an impact. Make positive choices, and you can help us to care for Cornwall and make that impact a positive one. www.coastvisitors.co.uk


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